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Learn Empathy? But I'm empathetic already!

Advanced Empathy Training is an interactive online course featuring author and acclaimed speaker John Marshall Roberts (Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries).

In this eye opening learning experience, you will most likely discover that you're not as empathetic as you thought you were!

As changemakers with passion for our social visions, many of us are blind to other people who may not share our worldview. We often call these people "cynics".

Using the science of empathy and the power of psychological insight, this transformational online course will rewire your brain to see, feel and understand the world from the perspective of the "cynics" that you encounter.

As a result, you'll use empathy to overcome resistance in cynics and make the world a better place in the process.

Who is John Marshall Roberts? And why should I listen to him?

John is a popular author, acclaimed thought leader, social scientist, and keynote speaker within the global sustainability movement. In October 2010, John was invited by the White House Council of Environmental Quality to speak at the GreenGov Symposium.

His recent TEDx speech ('The Global Urgency of Everyday Empathy') has recently been featured in,, and

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What will I learn in this course? Can't I just buy the book?

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John's book 'Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries' is great, and we highly recommend it.

We're excited to introduce you to a new way of learning. Consider this an interactive book for the digital age. We designed this course to help you quickly learn these concepts so you can begin to practice empathy in realizing your vision.

The course is broken into three modules delivered to you in a collaborative learning environment over a three week time period, and accessible to you at any time during your subscription.

This transformational learning experience will teach you:
  • How to truly see, feel and understand the world from the perspective of anyone, anywhere
  • The 8 universal value-systems and how to engage each for more effective communications
  • Creative tactics for overcoming the 3 perceptual filters that cynics use to tune important messages out
  • The secret link between demographics and psychographics (based upon proprietary Worldview Learning research data)
  • Your own "communication worldview" and how to use this for your benefit as a change-maker and social/business leader

How will I benefit? Is this really worth my time?

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Yes! If you are a social innovator or change agent, there could be nothing more important than understanding your audience if you are truly going to inspire them.

In his speeches around the world, John Marshall Roberts has
aptly stated that psychological insight is the next frontier for communicators looking to drive behavior change for social innovation. This course provides you the tools needed to break through the cynicism and apathy of those you meet, shifting
your perspective on what drives people to think and feel the way they do.

The benefits of participating in this course, and of becoming a master of empathy, include:
  • The ability to understand and motivate people –even when you disagree strongly with their point of view
  • The ability to grasp what drives people, and harness their natural enthusiasm towards your inspired vision
  • The ability to inspire business results by expanding your base of customers, donors and other critical strategic partners
  • The ability to connect, real time, 24X7 with a global community of change agents who are applying the science of worldviews to overcome cynicism and achieve success
  • The insight and determination to persist, despite all obstacles, until your business or social vision is realized.

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This unique educational experience has been designed to incorporate social media to connect you with like-minded change agents that face the same challenges that you do.
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“Empathy is the killer app for great communication in life, business or personal; and this course delivers the ultimate empathy tool kit. You'll be glad you took it”
— Kierstin De West
CEO / Conscientious Innovation
“Great course! This is psychological ammo for people who want to make a positive difference for social change. Worth every minute!”
— Andy Mannle
Education Director / West Coast Green
“There's a moment in our personal lives and our businesses when things click. The unique combination of e-learning and social-change content provided in this platform delivered that click to me. It's the moment where you say "I get it." And then you own it. It's yours. But 'knowing' also comes with responsibility. Now you have to do something with it. The pressure is on.”
— John Rooks
CEO, The SOAP Group
“Advanced Empathy Training was an effective way to expose me to all the different worldviews in a fun and thoroughly engaging way. This online course challenged my preconceptions about why others think and feel the way they do. I am now better prepared to engage and inspire anyone on the message I feel strongly compelled to share.”
— Christian Grieco
Sustainability Consultant / Optimus One
“I've been a fan of John Marshall Roberts' work and thinking since the release of his excellent book -- this online course brings his insights to the next level. I found it to be an engaging and inspiring experience that makes these important concepts easy to comprehend and apply. Highly recommended!”
— Catherine Werner
Sutainability Director / City of St. Louis


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